P.pw Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Topics for Publishers

How will I be paid?

We send payment using PayPal or Payoneer.
For PayPal (http://www.paypal.com), the lowest withdrawal amount is $5.
For Payoneer (http://www.payoneer.com), the lowest withdrawal amount is $10.
Payments are sent automatically once a month, provided that the lowest withdrawal amount above has been obtained.

What will happen if I wasn't able earn enough to be paid?

There is no need to worry in case you fail to earn the minimum amount to be paid this month. What you have earned shall be carried into the next month or until you are able to meet the minimum amount.

Is it okay to ask people to click on my links so that I can make money?

No. It is essential that the user should click on your P.pw links for the sole purpose of getting to the destination website and not because they were solicited or forced to do so.
It is prohibited to offer ANY reward for a user in exchange for clicking on an P.pw link aside from the destination link content. For instance, you cannot give points, bonus or money.

Is it okay to shrink websites that has adult material?

No. Shrinking website URLs that contain or link to adult material is prohibited. Generally, adult material is considered as anything that is unsuited to persons below 18 years of age, but the ultimate decision as to the classification of adult material is at our discretion. If you are not certain whether the site is adult or not, please contact us for further information.

How can I report incidence of abuse?

To report any incidence of abuse that may have come to your knowledge, please use our dedicated form located at: http://p.pw/abuse

How does this work?

P.pw is a cutting-edge service that enables you to make money from every visitor to your shortened links. The process is simple. The work starts now that you have an P.pw URL that is connected with your account.

You must exert every possible effort to give maximum exposure to your P.pw link as you will be paid for each person that will click on the link. If you already own a website, the most efficient way to get exposure is to ‘shrink’ URLs already on your site and substitute them with P.pw links. When visitors to your site click on the links, you will make money.

There is nothing to worry about if you do not own a website as there are many ways to attract people to click on your P.pw links without resorting to spam! Here are some helpful tips:

Why aren’t all of my visitors being counted?

Please make sure that you have waited up to 6 hours for our data to get updated.
There are several reasons that may explain why numbers do not match.

The following must be complied with so that we will be able to pay you for your traffic: The last point is very essential. We cannot show an advert if we do not have an advertiser that matches your visitor.

We put every effort to minimize unpaid defaults, but, depending on the country of your visitors, this is a likely event.

Can you stop an individual shrinking my URL?

Yes. We can do that provided that you send us a complete DMCA notice at our abuse address at http://p.pw/abuse. This must include our name / company and legal declaration. Afterwards, we will block it.
In the event that we block a URL on P.pw, no one can shrink it later on (although it may include your own account).

Topics for Advertisers

How long will it take to be shown on my account after I have paid for a campaign?

Normally, campaign deposit payments should be instantly shown. There are, however, some instances when this may not be possible.

It is advisable to give it 24 hours from the time your payment was made. If you are using PayPal, please check that your payment status is not ‘pending.’ There may be delays due to fraud checks, but you can check this by viewing the transaction in your PayPal account.

In case your campaign is still not being displayed on your account after a lapse of more than 24 hours and the payment status is not ‘pending,’ please do not hesitate to contact us.

How long will it take to have my advert reviewed?

Generally, it takes less than 24 hours, but this is not assured.
Review may take up to 48 hours. Please wait for this amount of time to lapse prior to contacting us.

What if my advertisement gets denied?

In case of denial, you will have the option to update the URL to something that will not violate our rules
You can ask for a refund by contacting us with the Campaign Reference.

What is the lowest amount needed for a campaign deposit?

At the moment, the lowest amount required to run an advertising campaign on P.pw is $5.00, which should be paid via PayPal.

What can I do to target the advertising?

You may target by country and day of the week. As of the moment, there is no system that will allow you to target categories. Further, targeting a particular publisher's website is prohibited as of now.

May I put a limit on the amount that I can spend daily?

Yes, that is possible. You are allowed to set a Daily Budget so that you will be ensured that you will not exceed your budget.

Do note that Daily Budget is different from repeat payment. Payments for advertising are manually made by yourself and we are not able to deduct money automatically from your PayPal account.

Further, establishing a Daily Budget guarantees your traffic will be equally spread out over 24 hours and not sent in a short timeframe.

Why is my campaign is not running?

There are several grounds for a non-working campaign.

First, make sure you have completed confirmation of your PayPal email address on our system. When you login to your account, a prompt with the following message shall be shown:

Lastly, check whether your ‘Daily Budget’ limit has been achieved. Please click on ‘show details’ by the campaign. You should then check the amount set.

Please contact us with the Campaign Reference if none of the above will resolve the issue.